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1. Our Pvc leather for furniture have good hand-feeling with soft touch, natural and superfine grains.

2. Abrasion-resistant and Scratch-resistant.

3. flame-retardant, US standard or Uk standard flame retardant.

4. 0dourless.

5. Easy to take care of and disinfect, We can provide pattern and color customization services to meet any of your request


Custom Color




54/55" or Customized



Supply Ability

30000 meters per week

Delivery time

1~2 Weeks

Surface material

PVC SOFA leather

Packing Details

30-50 meters/Roll, inside packed with the waterproof bag, outside packed with the abrasion resistant bag

Payment Terms

Visa/TT/PayPal/LC/Western Union

In the dynamic world of automotive design, the pursuit of materials that combine aesthetics, durability, and comfort has led to the forefront of innovation. Synthetic Fabric Faux Leather Suede emerges as a transformative solution, elevating car interiors to new levels of luxury and sophistication. This versatile material is redefining the landscape of automotive upholstery, specifically in crafting car roofs and headliners. In this introduction, we explore the unique attributes that make Synthetic Fabric Faux Leather Suede the epitome of style and functionality in automotive design.

A Symphony of Textures: Faux Leather Suede Unleashed:

At the core of this automotive revolution is the exquisite texture of faux leather suede. Designed to mimic the sumptuous feel of natural suede, this synthetic variant brings a touch of luxury to car interiors. The interplay of softness and durability becomes the defining feature, transforming the mundane car roof and headliner into canvases of tactile elegance.

Synthetic Fabric Advantages: Durability and Versatility:

Synthetic fabrics have long been favored for their durability and versatility, and the incorporation of faux leather suede into automotive interiors takes these qualities to new heights. The robust nature of synthetic fabric ensures that car roofs and headliners maintain their integrity under various conditions, from temperature fluctuations to exposure to sunlight. The versatility of the material allows designers to experiment with shapes, styles, and color palettes, bringing a dynamic element to car interiors.

Luxury Redefined: Faux Leather Suede for Car Roofs:

Car roofs, traditionally overlooked in terms of design, now become a focal point of luxury and sophistication with the infusion of faux leather suede. The velvety texture creates a visually stunning contrast to other interior elements, providing a cozy and opulent atmosphere within the vehicle. The versatility of faux leather suede allows for the creation of custom designs, ensuring that the car roof becomes a personalized statement of style and refinement.

Headliners: Stylish Comfort Above:

The headliner, an often-neglected expanse within a car interior, becomes a canvas for style and comfort with Synthetic Fabric Faux Leather Suede. The plush texture of faux leather suede enhances the overall comfort of the car, making the headliner more than just a functional element. Its aesthetic appeal transforms the ceiling of the car into a visual delight, creating a sense of sanctuary for passengers.

A Resilient Shield: Synthetic Fabric for Endurance:

The automotive environment demands materials that can withstand the test of time and usage. Synthetic Fabric Faux Leather Suede rises to the challenge, offering a resilient shield against wear and tear. The durability of the material ensures that car roofs and headliners maintain their elegance, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight, fluctuating temperatures, and everyday use. This robustness contributes to the longevity of the car interior's aesthetic appeal.

Easy Maintenance: Practicality in Style:

Beyond its luxurious appeal, Synthetic Fabric Faux Leather Suede presents a practical advantage with easy maintenance. Spills and stains are effortlessly wiped away, making it an ideal choice for busy car owners. This practicality enhances the overall ownership experience, ensuring that the elegance and comfort of the car interior are sustained with minimal effort.

Environmentally Conscious Choice: Sustainability in Design:

As the automotive industry increasingly focuses on sustainability, Synthetic Fabric Faux Leather Suede emerges as an environmentally conscious choice. The use of synthetic materials reduces reliance on animal-derived products, aligning with the broader trend toward eco-friendly design practices. This sustainable approach ensures that the luxury and style offered by faux leather suede are harmoniously balanced with ethical considerations.



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