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Wholesale pvc leather high quality classic litchi pattern artificial leather for sofa cover and furniture

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Microfiber leather is the highest quality grade synthetic leather (faux leather or PU leather), a high-tech simulation of high-end leather material. Cici Microfiber Leather is simulated the structure of natural leather, using sea-island superfine micro fiber (ultra-fine fiber bundle), and high-grade polyurethane resins as raw materials, using needle punched nonwoven technology of 3D structure, has a lot of similar characters as natural leather, however better physical & chemical performance, has been widely popular around the world.


Waterproof, Elastic, Anti-Mildew, Abrasion-Resistant

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Backing Technics









Shoe/Bag/Notebooks case


Customized Color


Knitted Backing


1 Meter


A4 Sample

Step into a realm of timeless elegance with our Wholesale PVC Leather – a high-quality classic, adorned with a sophisticated litchi pattern, meticulously crafted for sofa covers and furniture. As purveyors of excellence in the wholesale market, we redefine the standards for artificial leather, offering not just a material but an experience of unparalleled refinement for your living spaces.

At the heart of our offering lies an unwavering commitment to quality. The Wholesale PVC Leather boasts a classic litchi pattern, a design choice that transcends trends, ensuring that your furniture remains a symbol of enduring style. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in the creation of this artificial leather elevate it beyond a mere covering for your sofas and furniture; it becomes an integral part of your interior aesthetic, seamlessly blending with various design sensibilities.

Our commitment to providing high-quality artificial leather extends beyond aesthetics to encompass durability and functionality. The litchi pattern not only adds a touch of sophistication but also serves as a testament to the material's resilience. Whether it's the cozy embrace of a sofa or the functionality of furniture, our PVC leather stands the test of time, maintaining its allure even with daily use.

Choosing our Wholesale PVC Leather means choosing an option that is not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious. As advocates of sustainability, we ensure that our manufacturing processes align with modern eco-friendly practices. This commitment allows you to adorn your living spaces with a sense of style that doesn’t compromise on your environmental values.

In the world of interior design, our high-quality classic litchi pattern artificial leather transcends the ordinary. It’s a wholesale option that caters to the diverse tastes of our clientele, whether you're looking to revamp a contemporary space or add a touch of sophistication to a more traditional setting. The versatility of our PVC leather makes it a seamless addition to any design vision, making your furniture a reflection of your discerning taste.

As you explore the possibilities of our Wholesale PVC Leather, envision a living space where comfort meets timeless aesthetics. It’s more than just covering your sofas and furniture; it’s about creating an atmosphere that resonates with refined elegance. Join us on this journey where every purchase becomes an investment in enduring style, where classic litchi patterns grace your living spaces with an ageless charm that withstands the test of trends. Elevate your interiors with the sophistication they deserve – choose Wholesale PVC Leather for an experience that marries high quality with timeless design.



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