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Microfiber Cuero eco leather material Microfiber leather Synthetic Leather for car seat steering wheel

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microfiber leather is the highest quality grade synthetic leather (faux leather or PU leather), a high-tech simulation of high-end leather material. Cici Microfiber Leather is simulated the structure of natural leather, using sea-island superfine micro fiber (ultra-fine fiber bundle), and high-grade polyurethane resins as raw materials, using needle punched nonwoven technology of 3D structure, has a lot of similar characters as natural leather, however better physical & chemical performance, has been widely popular around the world.


Waterproof, Elastic, Anti-Mildew, Abrasion-Resistant

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China

Backing Technics









Shoe/Bag/Notebooks case


Customized Color


Knitted Backing


1 Meter


A4 Sample

Introducing the pinnacle of automotive luxury and sustainability – our Microfiber Cuero eco leather material. In the realm of automobile interiors, where opulence meets conscientious living, our Microfiber Leather emerges as a paradigm-shifting choice, redefining the standards for synthetic leather in car seat and steering wheel applications.

Crafted with precision and passion, Microfiber Cuero is a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility. Our commitment to sustainability is manifested in the choice of materials, with the use of high-quality microfiber ensuring a plush feel that rivals traditional leather. This dedication to eco-friendly practices extends beyond the luxurious façade, offering a guilt-free indulgence for those seeking style with a conscience.

Ideal for car seats and steering wheels, our Microfiber Leather presents an unparalleled blend of sophistication and durability. The material transcends the conventional limitations of synthetic options, providing a sumptuous texture that not only pampers the senses but also withstands the rigors of daily use. Revel in the assurance that your car's interior will maintain its allure over time, making Microfiber Cuero a sustainable investment in both style and substance.

What sets Microfiber Cuero apart is not just its luxurious appeal but the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every detail. Each stitch is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring that the synthetic leather seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's design. This material is not merely an accessory; it is a statement, an embodiment of discerning taste and an embodiment of ethical living.

In a world where conscious choices define our impact, Microfiber Cuero stands as a symbol of responsible luxury. It is more than a material; it is a conscious decision to tread lightly on the planet without compromising on elegance. Redefine your expectations of synthetic leather with Microfiber Cuero, aligning your lifestyle with modern values.

Step into a realm where comfort, style, and environmental consciousness converge seamlessly. Microfiber Cuero is more than just an upholstery choice; it is a commitment to a greener future. As you settle into the plush embrace of our eco leather, let every mile you drive echo the sound of responsible living, making a bold statement that reverberates beyond the confines of your vehicle. With Microfiber Cuero, driving becomes more than a journey; it becomes a celebration of sustainability and sophistication.



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