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PVC versus PU Leather Choices

30 May

What is Pvc leather?

PVC leather, also referred to as vinyl or faux leather, is a combination of PVC resin and plasticizers. Its advantages include durability, water resistance, and easy cleaning. It can be found in furniture, shoes, bags among other things that require tough material with long lifespan. But when compared to genuine leather it may not have a luxurious feel about it and at times may give off strong chemical odor.

What is PU Leather?

PU leather is made from a layer of polyurethane coating over a fabric base. It has been designed to look like real leather but its cost has been reduced making it more affordable when compared to the genuine one besides being eco-friendly. Unlike PVC leather which does not have as much flexibility or softness PU leather comes in softer form making it more comfortable for use on garments as well as accessories. However, due to sun exposure or contact with harsh chemicals this type of artificial upper layer degrades quicker than synthetic alternatives like those made from pure vinyl.

Comparison between PVC and PU Leathers:

1. Durability: The heavy applications such as furniture industrial uses are widely suitable for using PVC leathers since they are generally stronger than their counterparts that are made out of PolyUrethane resins Leatherbackings used in most consumer products including clothing accessories tend not to be very durable though they still provide enough strength.

2. Comfort: People who prefer wearing clothes should go for Poly Urethane which provides a pliant texture that feels nice touching one’s body while Vinyl offers no additional comfort since it is stiff.

3. Appearance: Both PVC and PU leathers can imitate genuine leather to some extent, although the later usually looks more realistic and is available in a variety of colors and textures.

4. Environmental Impact: Unlike PVC leather, PU leather does not contain harmful phthalates found in PVC products. Besides, this type of artificial upper layer degrades quicker than synthetic alternatives like those made from pure vinyl that is why it is regarded as less eco-friendly than PU leather.

5. Cost: Pricingwise, imitation pigskin can be acquired at a reduced cost due to its reduced expense of production and availability on market when compared with the other one thus chosen by many people who are looking for affordable genuine look-alike materials.


In summary, PVC and PU leathers have their pros and cons depending on individual needs or preferences. For those who need long-lasting goods that do not get wet easily then choose PVC leathers. Alternatively, if you value comfort or want something that looks authentic then go for PU leather. Ultimately though the choice of which between PVC or PU will depend on factors such as intended use personal style budgetary limitations health issues etc.. By taking these things into account carefully I hope you’ll decide what sort to buy next time – should it be a skin product?

PVC and PU leathers


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