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Is PVC Leather Any Good? A Comprehensive Guide

30 May

In the realm of synthetic leather, Pvc leather has managed to carve out a spot as an inexpensive and long-lasting material. However, this leads us to another question: is PVC leather any good? Let’s take a look at its features and drawbacks in order to find out.

What is PVC Leather?

PVC leather or polyurethane-coated vinyl is a synthetic product that combines polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with polyurethane (PU). Its aim is to mimic the appearance and feel of real leather but at a fraction of the cost. Common applications for PVC leather include furniture, automotive interiors, shoes, bags and other items where we want them to look like they’re made of real skin.

Advantages of PVC Leather

Affordability: Compared with genuine leather, PVC leather is relatively cheap which makes it accessible for people who have limited budgets.

Longevity: Due to its resilience against abrasion and wear, PVC can be employed in many products that need durability.

Easy upkeep: There’s no need for special care or conditioning unlike genuine leather; one can clean it easily though.

Adaptability: This material can give birth to numerous colors, textures and finishes so diverse-looking products are possible on their basis.

Eco-friendliness (in some cases): Some types of this fabric are made from recycled materials reducing the negative impact on nature caused by its production process.

Limitations of PVC Leather

Lack of breathability: In hot and humid weather conditions, pvc material doesn’t breathe as well as natural animal skins thus making it less comfortable.

Heat sensitivity: This type of artificial upholstery cannot withstand high temperatures hence serious deformations or melting processes may occur over time under such conditions while genuine leathers are heat resistant therefore do not melt even when exposed directly into open flame incidents or contacts with flat irons etc…

Non-biodegradable: Unlike original leathers which can decompose easily, PVC fabrics are hard to recycle or environmentally friendly.

Short lifespan: PVC leather is not as durable as genuine one thus needs replacing sooner than the expected period.


Is PVC leather any good? It depends. If you’re in need of a substitute for real leather that is affordable and will last, PVC leather may be right for you. On the other hand, if you desire the natural appearance, feel and longevity of real skin then it would be better to avoid using this material for such purposes. Ultimately, your budget, environmental concerns and how you plan to use the product determine whether you should choose PVC or genuine leather.

 Is PVC leather any good?


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