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Will PVC Leather Crack?

31 May

Pvc leather is a synthetic material that looks similar to the real thing but comes at a lower cost than genuine leather because of its versatility and durability. But, how does it hold up over the long term?Does PVC leather crack? In this article, we will dig deeper into the durability of PVC leather and explore several factors responsible for causing it to crack.

Composition and Properties of PVC Leather 

PVC leather comprises polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a plastic material coated with either polyurethane or a PVC-based finish so as to resemble natural leather in look and feel. This coat gives PVC leather some advantages like being water-resistant, stain resistant and scratch resistant. However, whether or not the material will withstand cracking depends on properties of both the coating used and the quality of the PVC. 

Factors That Could Lead to Cracking in PVC Leather

Extreme Temperatures Exposure: After persistently exposing them at either very low or high temperatures, PVC leathers become brittle thus making them prone to cracking; this occurs due to flexibility loss when exposed under extreme temperatures that causes cracks or splits.

Poor Care and Maintenance: The surface of PVC leathers can be damaged by harsh chemicals or rough cleaners making them easier targets for cracks. Not conditioning the material regularly also hastens dryness that leads to cracking. 

Ageing & Wear: Over time, PVC leathers tend to lose their flexibility thus becoming more susceptible to cracking. Frequent use and wear on such materials eventually lead them to stretch out of shape while increasing chances of cracking.

Preventing Cracks in PVC Leather 

To keep your items made from PVC leather for longer avoiding cracks in them consider;

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep your items made from PVC away from direct heat sources and do not expose them directly under sunlight over long periods. This will enable it to remain flexible and not become brittle. 

Clean and Condition Regularly: You can use a mild cleanser and soft cloth to clean PVC leather items regularly. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Moreover, applying a conditioner for artificial materials that is meant for fake leather will help in retaining softness and suppleness of PVC leather items. 

Handle with Care: Do not over-pull or stretch your PVC leather items as they could lose shape if stretched too far beyond their limits. In order to keep them in shape and last longer handle gently.

PVC leather is durable, functional material that is cheaper alternative to genuine leather. However, proper care should be taken on PVC leathers so as to avoid cracking. To this end, ensure that you protect them from extreme temperatures, clean and condition on regular basis besides handling them with care so that you can use your PVC leathers for many more years in future.

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