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Auto Pvc Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric With Holes Black Recicled Synthetic Pvc Leather

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1. Our PVC leather for furniture have good hand-feeling with soft touch, natural and superfine grains.

2. Abrasion-resistant and Scratch-resistant.

3. flame-retardant, US standard or Uk standard flame retardant.

4. 0dourless.

5. Easy to take care of and disinfect, We can provide pattern and color customization services to meet any of your request


Custom Color




54/55" or Customized



Supply Ability

300000 meters per week

Delivery time

1~2 Weeks

Surface material

PVC SOFA leather

Packing Details

30-50 meters/Roll, inside packed with the waterproof bag, outside packed with the abrasion resistant bag

Payment Terms

Visa/TT/PayPal/LC/Western Union

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive upholstery, the demand for materials that marry innovation with sustainability has never been more crucial. Enter Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric with Holes – a cutting-edge solution that not only elevates the aesthetics of car interiors but also champions environmental responsibility through the incorporation of recycled synthetic PVC leather in a sleek black hue. In this introduction, we explore the distinctive features that make this automotive upholstery fabric a beacon of style, functionality, and eco-conscious design.

Revolutionizing Automotive Interiors: Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric with Holes:

The automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift with the introduction of Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric with Holes. This material, designed specifically for car interiors, brings a fresh perspective to the concept of automotive upholstery. The inclusion of meticulously crafted holes adds a touch of modernity, transforming the fabric into a statement piece that seamlessly integrates style and functionality.

Aesthetic Appeal Meets Sustainability: Black Recycled Synthetic PVC Leather:

The commitment to sustainability takes center stage with the incorporation of Black Recycled Synthetic PVC Leather. In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, this variant of synthetic leather not only contributes to waste reduction but also exudes a sleek, black elegance. The recycled nature of the material underscores a dedication to sustainable practices, turning car interiors into showcases of conscious design.

Ventilation and Comfort: Holes as a Design Element:

The inclusion of strategically placed holes in Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric serves a dual purpose – not only as a design element but also as a functional feature. The holes enhance ventilation, ensuring that car interiors remain cool and comfortable even during prolonged drives. This thoughtful integration of design and functionality exemplifies a holistic approach to automotive upholstery.

Durability and Resilience: The Essence of Synthetic Leather:

Synthetic leather has long been revered for its durability, and this holds true for Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric. The material's resilience makes it a perfect choice for automotive applications where wear and tear are inevitable. The ability to withstand daily use, exposure to sunlight, and fluctuating temperatures ensures that car interiors maintain their appeal over an extended period.

Recycled PVC Leather: A Green Revolution in Automotive Design:

Black Recycled Synthetic PVC Leather signifies a green revolution within the automotive design landscape. By incorporating recycled materials, car manufacturers contribute to a circular economy, reducing the environmental impact associated with the production of synthetic leather. This eco-conscious approach not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also sets a new standard for responsible manufacturing practices within the automotive sector.

Versatility in Application: Beyond Aesthetics:

Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric with Holes is not confined to aesthetic considerations alone. Its versatility in application extends to various components within car interiors. From seats to door panels, the material's adaptability allows designers to explore innovative possibilities, creating a cohesive and stylish interior that reflects the modern driver's preferences.

Meeting Consumer Demand for Sustainability:

As consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly products, the automotive industry responds by offering sustainable alternatives. Auto PVC Auto Vinyl Synthetic Leather Fabric with Holes addresses this demand, presenting an option that blends contemporary design with a commitment to environmental stewardship. The fabric becomes a choice that resonates with environmentally conscious drivers who seek both style and sustainability in their vehicle interiors



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